HMSK is an award-winning Kuala Lumpur City-based architecture, interior design and landscape agency. HMSK Company’s globally diverse creative team specializes in architecture and interior design for boutique and luxury hotels, restaurants, food halls, retail shops and more. HMSK brings a tremendous sense of pride and energy to every project, finding inspiration from all corners of the world, and collaborating with clients to turn their vision into a reality.


Work Influences

The exchange of ideas with the client in relation to the project focus, site environment, user requirements, and local regulations backed by years of collective constructional experiences often help shape the project brief. HSMK draws inspiration from the modern, traditional as well as contemporary fashions in architecture.


Top Notch Architectural Services

We help Clients explore what is appealing aesthetically and how that relates to functional needs. HMSK sees to it that every project design is executed as intended. We are involved with all phases of design.


Unique Approach

Each project, regardless of size and budget, is approached uniquely from the big picture. We offer seamless project delivery, from working with consultants and local authorities to supplementary services of interior designs and separately, fresh landscape designs.


Distinguishing Characteristics

HMSK creates open light-filled spaces with modern and inventive detailing, including project specific, custom-engineered and fabricated pieces


Sustainable Design

We aim to build lasting sustainable and enjoyable spaces. At HMSK we consider ourselves lucky to be part of the process of building our sustainable environments.


HMSK Architecture

At HMSK, we strive to create architecture that can inspire, enhance the well being of its inhabitants, and promote balance with its environment. This we achieve while meeting the primary development data of the project brief.

HMSK’s practice stems from the belief that the built environment is a living breathing entity with the ability to express emotion and intimately engage with its surroundings.


The design and building of residential properties include multi-unit residential buildings, single-family homes, renovations and remodels.


HMSK believes gardens, particularly urban gardens, provide a balance between modern living and the connectivity and peacefulness of nature. We strive to create this connection with each outdoor space we create.


HMSK brings a turn-key approach to office architecture from building structure type analysis and space planning to interiors for both corporate clients and tenant space.

Interior Design

HMSK provides a high-touch, end-to-end luxurious interior design service and all at affordable design. We create a space that is warm, inviting and ultimately beautiful.

Mixed Development

Simply Live-work space, is a type of urban development strategy for living spaces that blends residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or entertainment uses, where those functions are physically and functionally integrated.

Master Planning

With extensive experience in town plan , HMSK provides future layout of a city showing both the existing and proposed streets or roads, open spaces and public buildings for your strategic plan and decisions.